PRS Cookbook!

It's time to SUBMIT YOUR RECIPES for the debut PRS Family Favorites Cookbook! More recipes = better book, so submit as many as you'd like. Submit your recipes by Sunday, October 15. Books will arrive in time for the holidays.

Pre-orders cost $10, payable to the PTO by Venmo or check. Please write "cookbook" in the notes. A limited number of additional cookbooks will be available later. To ensure you receive yours, preorder using this link.

1. Open the following link and use Username: PRS and Password: Cookbook to sign in.
2. Click “Add a Recipe” on the menu bar to the left.
3. Select Status “Approved - recipe will appear in book”.
4. Select your recipe category from the 7 options.
5. Provide a title for your recipe.
6. Add first name and last name under recipe contributors. Can use your name or your students name.
7. Add your ingredients one at a time.
8. Next, add the directions under "Recipe Method." You may write in any format you prefer.
9. Be sure to click SAVE or SAVE AND ADD ANOTHER when you are finished.

Please reach out to Kate ([email protected]) or Courtney ([email protected]) with any questions! We've included some additional information below that may answer your question.

We are so excited to put this all together and have it published by mid December. We hope this will be used, remembered and cherished for years to come!

- Inspiring School Day Breakfast & Lunchbox Ideas
- Big Batch Delights are great for a crowd, including for meal trains, tailgates, and parties.
- Delicious Bites: Irresistible Appetizers, Refreshing Beverages, and More! If you're not sure where your recipe belongs, this is probably the place. Apps, beverages, and anything else your family loves.
- Quick & Easy Meal Solutions: 30 minutes or less, prep ahead, one pan, slow cooker, InstaPot Magic! Include your go-to weeknight family dinners.
- Easy Eats: 15-minute meals with shortcuts like rotisserie chicken, Trader Joe's Goodies, and pre-cut veggies. This is IT, people. The overscheduled family's sanity-saving recipes. You know the ones--the recipe hacks for THOSE NIGHTS. But do you know everyone else's? Share yours and get "I never thought of that and it's AMAZING" inspiration! Use the "recipe notes" to add info about where to buy your favorite pre-prepped ingredients.
- “Can I Have a Snack Please?”: Snacks, dessert, treats of all kinds.
- Deliciously Allergy-Friendly Treats: treats free of dairy, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, and eggs. If you have a favorite allergy-friendly bakery or restaurant, please email us, as we are trying to compile a helpful list.

- What is a "recipe note"? Recipe notes can be used to add any information that doesn't fit in the recipe format. You may wish to include the history of a recipe, ideas for how to serve the recipe, inspiration for the recipe, whose favorite dish it is, whether kids can cook it on their own. Really, this note can include anything you'd like, or be left out.
- What about side dishes? Include side dishes in the same section as the main dish and use the main dish recipe note to say "serve with cheesy broccoli". Cheesy broccoli can then be inserted as the next recipe. A stand-alone side dish can be included wherever you think it makes the most sense. Easy sides for a party can be included in Big Batch Delights, fast sides can be included in Quick & Easy or Easy eats.
- How many recipes can I submit? As many as you'd like. More recipes will make a better book, so submit all your kids' favorites!
- Who is the contributor? The contributor can be the person who does the cooking in your home, the students whose favorite meal it is, or the friend/relative who introduced you to the recipe.
- Who do I contact with questions? Kate Mitchell ([email protected]) and Courtney Alexander ([email protected])
- When will the finished books arrive? The cookbooks should arrive in early December, barring any delays in printing.